Are you looking for authentic tours of some of the most haunted places in San Antonio and the surrounding areas? Our team of professional paranormal investigators specializes in local ghost tours that will provide you with an up-close-and-personal look at Texas’ spookiest locations. Read more about our ghost tours below, and get in touch with us to book your tour today!

Explore Our Local Ghost Tours

San Antonio

Our two-hour local ghost tour in San Antonio is one of our most popular experiences. One of our ghost experts will provide you with information about the different kinds of hauntings in San Antonio as you walk from location to location. You’ll be provided with detailed information about each location you visit, as well as local legends and folklore that has developed around each area. Perfect for singles, couples, work events, and more, this spooky adventure is sure to be a frightfully good time. This ghost tour is conducted nightly — book yours today!

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a historically rich location with no shortage of paranormal activity, legends, and frightening folklore. This haunted tour will take you through some of the most infamous locations in the Corpus Christi area, as well as provide you with information about the many different kinds of hauntings and how each one is addressed by professional paranormal investigators.

Please note that this ghost tour is currently a private service that requires advance booking. We’ll gladly accommodate your group — get in touch with RJA Ghost Tours to request information about our availability and reserve your spot.

San Patricio

San Patricio is home to some of the most infamous and terrifying hauntings in North America. Home of the infamous County Road 666, you’ll be taken on an intimate tour of the ghastly woods that surround the area and get to hear some of the most frightening tales that have been told about the area. The tour culminates in a journey through one of the oldest ghost towns in Texas, complete with all of the historical information you expect from an authentic ghost tour.

This tour is currently private and meets at different locations in the San Patricio area. Please contact a member of RJA Ghost Tours to request more information and reserve your private tour.

Paranormal Experience

Have you always wondered what paranormal investigations are really like? You’ve seen them depicted in television shows and popular movies, but you probably haven’t ever met a professional paranormal investigator or watched them investigate a real haunting. This immersive and interactive experience provides you with a personal look into how investigations are conducted, an overview of cutting-edge equipment, and an up-close-and-personal with an allegedly haunted location. Brace yourself for a firsthand encounter with the other side!

This is one of our most popular experiences and fills up quickly, so please contact a member of RJA Ghost Tours to reserve your spot on this thrilling adventure. Please note that this experience is only available for patrons ages 18 and older.

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