1. One Of The Best Tours I’ve Been On!

    "A great time for anyone, especially those visiting the town for the first time! Robert was very knowledgeable about the paranormal and San Antonio. My family and I all enjoyed ourselves, getting to walk around the city and learn about it's history. Our guide even had his own personal stories that made the whole experience even better. A great atmosphere for friends and family, we all had a great …Read More

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  2. Great Tour!

    "Joined the tour while they were at the Alamo because of how friendly Robert was. I asked him a question about ghosts and the Alamo, which led to us joining the tour. David was awesome at telling the stories. We mostly hung back and chatted with Robert about the locations. Highly recommend taking the tour. Great way to see the city, hear some history, and learn about paranormal activity in the are…Read More

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  3. Unexpected Personal Tour!

    "When RJA ghost tours say they will complete the tour rain or shine they mean it! We were only in San Antonio for a few days and it rained hard for nearly all of them. The rain did not stop our tour guide, but it did stop the other guests so we got an unexpected personal tour! Our tour guide knew so much rich history of the area and his story telling was wonderful! He held our attention and encour…Read More

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  4. Fantastic Tour!

    "RJA Ghost Tour is such a fun family experience! The tour guide and paranormal investigator will make sure to provide you with a very memorable experience; they are are extremely knowledgeable of the area! Not only do you get the spooky ghost stories and experiences, you also learn a great deal of history! This is a must do activity for when you are in San Antonio!"…Read More

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  5. Informative And Fun

    "As a San Antonio native, and someone who works downtown, I am familiar with the various ghost tours that operate in the city, but I had never really considered taking part in one- it's just not typically my type of thing. But, I had some friends in from out of town that do a ghost tour in every city they visit that wanted to go, so I agreed to it, and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would…Read More

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  6. An Entertaining And Educational Evening

    "Our tour guide was very informative as he guided us through the haunted locations in downtown San Antonio. He didn't just tell us this ghost haunts here and that ghost haunts there, he told us why the ghosts or paranormal activity was happening. He also explained the different types of activity that you can experience. Sure there were some gruesome parts but hey that's why we were all there. I wo…Read More

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  7. Informative, Interesting, Enjoyable

    "I was fortunate to have a private tour when I went as I was the only person crazy enough to be outside in icy San Antonio - well me and the tour guide David! David was great, very knowledgeable in the history of San Antonio, as well as the tales of ghostly hauntings that he told to me. He started each locations story by first sharing the history of the location and history behind the haunting (I …Read More

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  8. Fun and Captivating!

    "Our tour guide was knowledgeable and helpful. Giving some advice and ideas to those not from in town, yet also to those of us from San Antonio. He always kept the level of excitement up and at the end was able to make it even more."…Read More

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  9. This Tour Is A Must!

    “The RJA ghost tour was an exciting and comprehensive experience. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and imparted the rich history of San Antonio as well as little known facts and folklore. I’ve been on numerous tours, and these gentlemen are the best at what they do. There wasn’t a question they couldn’t answer. My friend and I had a blast. Entertaining in all respects: informational…Read More

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  10. This Tour Was Very Exciting

    “This tour was very exciting. The tour guides were very informative. I enjoyed the history of San Antonio and the stories of the ghost encounters. I will definitely book this ghost tour again.”…Read More

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