Informative And Fun

“As a San Antonio native, and someone who works downtown, I am familiar with the various ghost tours that operate in the city, but I had never really considered taking part in one- it’s just not typically my type of thing. But, I had some friends in from out of town that do a ghost tour in every city they visit that wanted to go, so I agreed to it, and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

We met in front of the Alamo and hit up a couple spots right around Alamo Plaza, before heading to a few spots a little bit further west. As someone who loves history, I thought the tour guide did a great job not only providing the history of the buildings we were looking at, but also painting a picture of what events led up to the hauntings.

Here’s a tip: go on a weeknight early in the week if you can. Our tour was just my two friends and myself, and having a smaller, pretty much private tour, allowed for more questions and extra information. We saw a group of about 40 people from another ghost tour company pass by, and I was very glad that we weren’t in that large of a group.”

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