At RJA Ghost Tours, we want each and every one of our tours to be fun, memorable, and spine-tingling. We’ve received a few calls and emails asking for more information about our haunted tours, so in today’s post, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we receive about our San Antonio ghost tours.

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Ghost Tour FAQs

I’m from San Antonio. Will I really learn something new?

Yes — in fact, San Antonio residents regularly tell us that our ghost tours are some of the most informative activities in the area! San Antonio is a historically rich city, and we completely understand that many people feel like they’ve heard it all. However, looking at some of San Antonio’s most historically interesting areas through a paranormal lens adds a completely new layer. You’ll learn myths, legends, and real-life stories about each area we visit!

What should I bring?

First and foremost, we hope that you’ll bring an adventurous spirit and some courage! Our ghost tours are approximately two hours long and do require some walking, so make sure that you’ve brought comfortable shoes and clothing. Additionally, you’ll want to bring a water bottle that you can carry from location to location.

Can I take photos?

Yes! We know that some San Antonio tours prohibit photography, but where’s the fun in that? We want you to remember how much fun you had on the tour, so bring your smartphone or camera along for the ride. We do ask, however, that you share any strange anomalies in your photographs with our team. As professional paranormal investigators, we’re always interested to see if otherworldly guests are joining us at a specific site!

I want to do a team-building activity with my coworkers. Can you accommodate us?

Absolutely! Given the fun and frightening nature of our ghost tours, taking the whole team on a ghostly adventure is one of the best ways to build camaraderie. We regularly host corporate events, field trips, birthdays, and other group outings. Just get in touch with us in advance to ensure that the whole group can be accommodated!

What makes RJA Ghost Tours different?

As we noted above, the team at RJA Ghost Tours is comprised of professional paranormal investigators. We don’t just pursue the paranormal as a hobby — it’s our job! We’ve all had encounters with the other side, and we are intimately familiar with the different kinds of paranormal activity that can affect a location. We’re also extremely knowledgeable about San Antonio’s history — just check out our testimonials to see what past groups have said about us!

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