There’s no shortage of fun things to do in San Antonio, but how many of your friends will be able to say that they came face to face with the paranormal as summer comes to a close? Not many.

In today’s post, we’ll provide you with an overview of a few of the ways that RJA Ghost Tours can help you have a unique, fun — and harrowing — summer. Read on if you dare, and visit this page if you’re brave enough to reserve a spot!

Authentic Ghost Tours

Everyone knows that San Antonio is one of the most historically rich cities in the United States, but not nearly as many are aware that it’s also one of the most haunted. Our San Antonio ghost tours bring the best of local history and folklore together, providing you with spine-tingling tales about some of the most historic locations in the area.

We know that many walking tours can seem more like lectures, but at RJA Ghost Tours, we want you to feel like you’re a part of the entire experience. We encourage you to ask questions, take pictures, and swap ghost stories with other members of the tour. Be sure to check your pictures carefully, as you never know if you’ll capture something strange in the background!

Cemetery Tours

The first San Antonio cemeteries were constructed beginning in 1853, which makes them some of the oldest and most historically rich burial grounds in the entire United States. While many of these plots’ inhabitants have been lost to the winds of time, many of San Antonio’s most famous figures have been laid to rest in the area’s cemeteries.

Much like our ghost tours, our cemetery tours are designed to take you on a journey that is as educational as it is frightening. You’ll learn myths, legends, and folklore from our knowledgeable team as you walk through each area, and we recommend keeping your eyes open for strange phenomena along the way!

The Total Experience San Antonio Ghost Tour

Ride with us on board our tour vehicle. Learn about modern-day paranormal investigations. Go hands-on with actual paranormal investigation equipment. Visit haunted locations and hear the history, legend, folklore and ghost stories attached to each site. Visit the final resting place of some of San Antonio’s first residents. Our Total Experience San Antonio Ghost Tour will teach you how contemporary investigations are performed, and you’ll even get hands-on experience with professional paranormal investigation equipment. We’ll take you to haunted locations in San Antonio and show you exactly how we determine whether an area has a paranormal presence.

Bring questions, enthusiasm, and as much bravery as you can muster!

*This is a small-group experience and space is limited to 10 guests per tour. Reserve your spot online or give us a call to ensure that you have a spot!

Book Your San Antonio Ghost Tour Today!

We hope that today’s post will help you make this summer the spookiest one yet! Keep an eye on our blog page in the coming weeks and months, as we’ll be providing you with even more resources about ghost tours, the paranormal, and haunted locations in San Antonio in the coming weeks and months.

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