There’s no shortage of haunted locations in the United States, and South Texas is home to many of them. Many people stay as far away as possible from locations rumored to harbor restless spirits and spooky apparitions, but at RJA Ghost Tours, we can’t get close enough. In today’s post, we’ll take you on a frightful tour through a few of South Texas’ most haunted locations. We looked at three haunted places in South Texas in a previous post, so be sure to catch up on that information — if you dare.

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The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge in San Antonio is easily confused with other structures around the world which use the same name, and the vast majority of these structures have their own myths, legends, and folklore. The San Antonio Devil’s Bridge is no different, and it’s rumored that Satan himself has visited the bridge and that it is regularly haunted by other spectral forces as well.

Among many of the events that are rumored to have taken place near the Devil’s Bridge, a few of the most notable include odd deaths, ritualistic animal sacrifices, and spooky encounters with forces from the other side. If you decide to visit the Devil’s Bridge, you do so at your own peril!

The Aztec Theater

The Aztec Theater is one of the older structures in the San Antonio area. It was constructed in 1926, just before the Great Depression shook American life. The theater has changed hands numerous times over the decades, with many of the owners and staff reporting strange figures and occurrences. Disembodied voices calling out, footsteps in an otherwise empty building, and shadowy figures sitting in empty theaters are but a few of the many creepy happenings that have taken place. It seems that the Aztec’s current operators have come to terms with the haunted atmosphere, as the calendar is booked months in advance with popular shows and acts.

The Cadillac Bar

While the Cadillac Bar is primarily known for its historic roots, prominent guests, and outstanding menu, it’s also known as one of San Antonio’s most haunted locations. The area has a dark and morbid history, as many hangings took place at the courthouse just a short distance away. The bar is also built on top of an old cemetery, which could account for the high levels of spectral activity.

One of the Cadillac Bar’s most frequent otherworldly visitors goes by the name of Beatrice, though she’s not an entity you want to encounter. She’s reported to have a harsh demeanor, and has been known to cause trouble in the kitchen. Numerous customers and employees have encountered Beatrice in chilling encounters, so be sure to look behind you if you stop in for a drink!

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